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Samtech Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

In a fast paced world of technological revolution in the Apparel Industry, one needs to be fully geared up to take up the challenges of the free market scenario of tomorrow. This requires a dedicated set up of service providers who can deliver critical systems and back ups that ensure that manufacturing process is not disrupted at any point of time. We are a team of dedicated professionals with a rich experience of almost a decade serving the Apparel Industry.

We provide an enviable service and spare backup for all kinds of Garmenting needs of the Indian Garment manufacturers and Exporters with a nationwide network of offices. We provide service and back up support that enables a smooth and uninterrupted manufacturing process so very crucial in this time strapped environment of today.

We are agent for

  • AMF REECE Eyelet button hole & pocket welting machines from Czech Republic
  • PROTEX Sewing Machines from China
  • PROTEX Fusing & needle detector Machines from China
  • KINGTEX Sewing Machines from Taiwan
  • PRINTEX Labeling Machines from Italy
  • KARLIN Multi needle machine
  • HORLEY Sewing Machines from China
  • DINO Strip cutting machine& labour saving devices (like under trimmer & wiper for flat lockā€¦)
  • SHAINO Labour saving devices for over lock, flatlock, single needle and other machines as per requirement.
  • KARLIN Spare parts, folders & attachments
  • MAIKE Spare parts, folders & attachments
  • PEAK Spare parts, folders & attachments
  • DJW adhesive, spot cleaner & sprays
  • SHAINO Washing & dry process machines for DENIM, washing machine, washer extractor, hydro extractor, Perc-dry cleaning machine, Vacuum finishing tables,Boilers (electric & diesel), Stain removing machines, Thread sucking machine, crinkle machine, garment crushing machine, chemical spray cabin, Jeans turner, Scrapping Mannequin (Horizontal & Vertical), Ozone Machine.

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